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is there any way......
  • Is there any way to import my favorite list from my iwatchr app? Your app is way better but i have so mmny foods saved in there.
    Also is there anywhere in your app to permenantly save all the foods? From what i understand he favorites can disappear if not used in a while?
  • ddumontddumont
    Favorites only disappear if they are not ever used on the points list. As long as it is on your points list, it will stay in favorites.

    I tried looking around for info on iWatcher... seems like the developer closed up shop. Kind of odd... Does the app have a backup or export function?
  • Yeah. My app wont work at all now. So i found this one and i love it! It has a save and restore but i dont know if it saved to my phone or the website he used to have. But its ok. I went thru and entered each item and the points into this program and favorited all of them. I put them a few weeks back so it didnt show up on my points for now. But i think this solved my prob. As long as i dont go back and delete them they will stay right? Next time i get to my home computer instead if my pho.e im going to subscribe. Thanks so much for this great app!!!!!

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