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Backup not importing to new phone
  • I think I originally posted this in the wrong location. I just got the new droid 4. I saved my data to the sd card on my old phone and transferred the card. I can see the data on my card but it will not import my data into the program on the new phone. It says no backup found. Any suggestions?
  • ddumontddumont
    Some new phones even if they have an sdcard slot treat the internal memory as an sdcard and the real sdcard as some other external device.
    You can move the folder to the internal memory and wwdiary should see it there.

    You will either have to use your computer or a file manager app to move the folder. The folder will be called com.canofsleep.wwdiary and will exist on your physical sdcard that you moved from the old phone.

    This process is more complicated on newer phones (because of how they have fake internal sdcards) which is one reason I set up the sync service. If you subscribe, it's just a matter of adding your forum account to each device and telling them to send or get the data. No need to backup or restore. It's only $1 a month and it helps support the app development. Plus you get access to barcode scanning and online viewing and editing of your phone data.
  • ddumontddumont
    I see that you already have a subscription though! good news!

    You should be able to log in on your old phone and sync all your data up. Then log in on your new phone and sync it down. Done!
  • Thanks that was so easy. Didn't think I would be able to send from my old phone because it was already transferred but connected to my wifi and was able to send. Love this app, especially that you keep the old points tracker along with the new. I use the old system. Thanks again. Lisa
  • ddumontddumont
    Np. Glad to hear it worked out for you! :)

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