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How to enter foods online
  • I have the app (again) on my Android phone and on my Kindle Fire. I've created my subscription, updated my account, and have synced online to both my phone and kindle. I consider myself pretty tech savvy...but I am lost on this site. I can't figure how to add food to the the point log. Am I missing something completely obvious? I'm using a MAC at work, version 10.6.8 OS X.
    I'm on today's date and it says "No data for this date". I can click on that, but nothing happens.
    Please help
  • ddumontddumont
    Data entry for the point log is not enabled yet from the website. It's something I'm actively working on.

    A redesign of the weightlog is nearly complete and the pointlog is next. The pointlog had to be reworked and so I started over again with the weightlog too.

    The changes to (at least the weightlog) should go live nearer to the end of the month. The past few weeks work has kept me busy and away from this, but I shall start on it again soon.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.
  • Ok. so the subscription for $1/month, doesn't cover anything, as there is no food database, and you can't enter food online...yet. I understand from reading other posts, that you're a one man show, but the subscription option seems a bit misleading. what else does the subscription offer?
  • ddumontddumont
    The main reason I made it to begin with was for multi-device sync and ease of switching devices. Not every device has a sdcard, and even when they do... sometimes they have an internal sdcard that makes data migration a big pain.

    The subscription will keep several devices all in sync. The website tools are something I wanted to add on for people who might not always have their phone with them, or want to do more complex data entry. I also wanted to focus on putting charts on the website instead of on the phones (there's more room on the website).

    Once I got the sync going and the weightlog (which you can edit on the website now, btw)... I started working on the pointlog and realized that I needed much more information than just food points.... So I had to make app changes to sync user prefs ( so that I could do the rebalance that the app does from the web ). I didn't want to write the code twice 2 different ways and then have to maintain it, so I refactored much of it around so that it would run on the website and on the phone.

    Anyway... most of that work is done now and I can once again focus on the website.

    w/r/t the food database. There is one of sorts, but the subscribers are helping me build it for other subscribers. Every time a subscriber scans a food and fills out the data, it's available to another subscriber for when they scan it.
  • i am trying to acces via lap top and keep getting no subscription. Do you have to subscribe to use via comp.?
  • ddumontddumont
    @Bear did you sign up for a subscription through paypal? If so, can you forward me the reciept? There was an issue processing payments with paypal on the 27th of last month and some payment notifications never got sent to me.
  • No i did not sign up for the subscription. Do you have to have a subscription to use via comp.?
  • ddumontddumont
    @Bear yes the online computer tools are only for subscribers. Weight log is fully manageable while the food log is not yet completely functional (display only)

    I'm currently working on making the pointlog fully functional.

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