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Delete multiple entries
  • In my food list,i have several entries for the same thing, that i have just named slightly differently and not noticed were already on there. Is there a way to delete these? Just for housekeeping tidiness :-) I love the app, recommend to all fellow Droid users at WW, even now ww have Android app! But you need to have their eSource to be able to use it fully, whereas your fab app is available free to all-magnificent! Having this app has been key to my success, without a doubt. 3st off and still maintaining, tracking every day!
  • ddumontddumont
    The only wait right now is to go back in your history and find the misspelled entries (or however they vary) and delete them or rename them.

    When they are all gone, they'll stop appearing in the suggestion list.
    I have a food list task to get to that will make this much easier... I may also do another option menu that will let you search for all days you've used a particular food and jump to that day.

    I'm pretty busy right now, but at least that last one would be easy to implement.

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