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WWDiary subscriptions are now public
  • ddumontddumont
    The time has come! I'm opening subscriptions to anyone who wants one!

    To get started:
    Log into the forum using a computer (easier than using your phone) and click the "Manage my subscription" link here:

    There will be some instructions on that page. Please follow them carefully.

    After you've subscribed, and the forum has gotten confirmation from PayPal, you'll have access to the features in the "WWDiary" link. You can use the above, or the one in your user profile here:

    Current subscription-only features include:
    • Multi-device and forum sync.
    • Weight-loss progress chart in your forum profile.
    • Edit, add, and delete weight-log entries from the forum, have changes sync to your phone.
    • Simple device changing, no more swapping sdcards, simply sync the data down to your new device!
    • Search for food and nutrition information online by scanning a barcode!
    • More to come! Support WWDiary development and subscribe today!

    WWDiary will always be a free android app in the android market, though new features will be added for hose who subscribe.
  • I love this! I gladly signed up for the subscription. You've done a fantastic job with this app. It's (almost literally) a life-saver!
  • ddumontddumont
    @biffster Thank you!
  • Just signed up myself. I have been using the product for a while now and think it is great. I also like the new features you are incorporating.
  • Just bought a new Samsung Nexus on Verizon and getting the program back up was simple because of the syncing.
  • ddumontddumont
    @danimal71 very glad to hear it!
    How are you liking the phone? I have the same one and love it :)
  • I thought the subscription was free? You have to go to pay pal and pay $1 per month, which comes to $12 a year!
  • ddumontddumont

    Yep. The services cost me money, so i have to charge. $1/mo is far less than other services offered by other companys.
  • I am loving the phone. I just installed Go Launcher EX. I haven't had any issues with it.

    BTW I think the subscription is totally worth it. A little support from many is good for you. This is definitely a quality app.
  • I just signed up for a subscription, although I will probably only use the barcode feature sometimes. I am happy to support you. This app has been very helpful and is awesome. Keep up the good work!
  • so i don't have a credit card so i can't get this??? this is one of the main reasons i got your app. i wanted to be able to be in the grocery store and not have to stand there for 10 mins figuring out points. well that just sucks!!
  • ddumontddumont

    You don't need a credit card to sign up with paypal and subscribe to the service. paypal offers other ways of linking your account to provide funds. You could link a checking account and transfer money into the paypal account manually, for example.
  • I just subscribed! I have been using the free service for a while now and love it! Thank you! I am having an issue with the bar code scanner. When I scan the bar code, it says it isn't in the database. I have a hard time believing quaker instant oatmeal and carbmaster yogurt aren't in the database. What am I doing wrong?
  • ddumontddumont

    It's entirely possible that no one with a subscription has scanned that yet. Buying access to a pre-populated database managed by another company costs thousands of dollars a month, way more than I make off this app. The best I can do is crowd-source the data, that is, you and all the other subscribers scan items and make the info available to each other.

    There are also other factors like region that could make the barcode on packaging different. I'm still working on the data collection. I hope to keep making improvements such as food name search instead of just barcode.
  • Ok. Thanks. I thought maybe I wasn't doing it right. Love this app!! Well worth the money!
  • ddumontddumont
    @shadfield Thanks! And thanks for supporting WWDiary :)
  • You should add a restaurant list. I know a lot of people use Sort's weight loss zone but its not up to date. I think that would make this app perfect! I am going to subscribe as soon as I get my hands on a computer. This app is one of our family favorites!
  • *meant Doty :)
  • ddumontddumont

    I do have some plans for some food lookups by name. It's on the horizon, but I have a bunch of things to do as well.
  • I'm starting to notice a few more things popping up in the food database. I have gone to the store several times now and have had stuff surprisingly show up. I will also scan things in that my wife eats that I my not eat to help build up the database.
  • I use the old ww plan and was wondering if the barcode scanner will pop up with old or new points?

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