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wwdiary - version 4.3.7 posted to Android Market
  • ddumontddumont
    Another round of bugfixes...

    UK Users will notice that there are now 2 fat's to choose from in preferences. Fat and Saturated Fat.
    Saturated Fat is used in the old forumula, and you should update which value you are using (and the custom forumula) to reflect this if you are still using the old system.

    I've updated the instructions here:

    • Suppressed a harmless crash when restoring backups. (App needed to restart anyway)
    • Fixed crash after logging a new weight entry.
    • Fixed crash for fresh installs

    I edited this post for 4.3.7 from 4.3.5 because many of my users have not seen the changes in 4.3.5 yet, and they are important. But this release contains additional fixes.
    • The new satfat field incorrectly showing up when using the default point forumla.
    • The app showing incorrect DPA for days in the past (you must be using the DPA calculator for past DPA to work).

    Here's a link to the apk:
  • Since the latest update (and I am NOT in the UK), there is a fat and sat fat entry for every food item. And all prior entries in the database are blank with no value. None of my foods points value are valid anymore, unless I edit them and add a 0. Is it possible to only add the sat fat to the food calculation if you are using the UK version (I presume they use that calc) or the old version. I would like it to work like it did before and all my database entries perserved

  • I am also in the US and am having this problem. I've never had to add saturated fat before and the WW website calc doesn't account for it either. Thanks.
  • ddumontddumont
    Sorry about that, I'll fix it in a future update tonight.
  • ddumontddumont
    @dteeple @Firewife28 thanks for the reports, and I've updated the blog post with a new version in the android market.

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