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No Remote Data Found?
  • Hello,

    I must be doing something wrong! I started my subscription and thought that would give me access to the online database of foods so that all I need to do is scan a UPC and the program would go online and download that nutritional information so I wouldn't need to enter it.

    But I've been using the program for a few days now and have scanned a couple dozen foods (upc labels), and every single time it comes back (after the beep) and tells me "No remote data found. Be the first to record this food!...." which defeats the purpose of using the UPC in the first place.

    I'm sure it's a setting on my phone or something I'm doing wrong since using other similar apps doesn't have the same result and those apps will go online to download the name and nutritional info and per serving size. So, unless there are only 3 or 4 foods in the database, I'm doing something wrong.

    Oh, and I'm not scanning weird (foreign) food. These are basics: Kraft cheese slices, Starkist Tuna, etc....

    Thanks for your help,
  • ddumontddumont
    So things I have learned while doing this is that even across the country, food manufacturers will change barcodes and use different barcodes for different regions within a country... It's kinda lame for this purpose, but it helps them track stats about what is selling and where.

    Food databases that compile all the barcodes out there with nutrition information are extremely expensive, and I don't want to pass that cost on to you guys, so yes... you may have to enter in the food info once, but you shouldn't have to do it again. It will be saved and available for other users and for yourself in the future.

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