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Report a bug / Request a feature
  • I tried to use the "Report a bug / Request a feature" but it went to a Google Code Archive that couldn't be added to (that i could see). I have the following to report:

    Bug: When entering or editing information after scanning a barcode, the NEXT button doesn't work as expected. For instance, hitting NEXT after entering Fat doesn't go to Carbs.

    Feature: Change the entry pad (keyboard) for the quantity/servings fields to match the simple one used for entering in fat, carbs, fiber, and protein. This would make entering in partial servings much easier, such as "0.5" for half of a serving. Currently on the more complex entry pad, the user must press SYM to access the period and then press 123 to entry in the number.

    Thank you.
  • ddumontddumont

    Hmm.. I'll add that bug report to my list.

    Re: the keypad used to enter in values. When android was young, I had a lot of trouble with the different phone manufacturers and the keyboard styles they would use for numberpad and stuff. Some of the phones, for instance, wouldn't let you use a period when using a number keypad. So people complained they couldn't enter in decimals.

    I can't test on every device, which is why it is the way it is now. I can look at chaning it now that older versions of android are fading away... but I do know a bunch of people use my app on old phones that are no longer in service (just over wifi)... so I'm not sure I can fix this any time soon. I'll try to find some time to investigate though.
  • Thank you for looking into these things. I love WWDiary!!

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