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Point database?
  • Is there not a point value database ? When I enter foods, no values or options come up. I am prompted to enter my own point values. That doesn't seem very helpful.
  • ddumontddumont
    The app is meant as a paper tracker replacement. As you use the app you build your own points database.
  • Is there a place to save the entered foods besides the favorites? So far I have made every food I've entered a favorite, but I'm wondering if there is another place that we can build our points database. Making everything a favorite seems like too many hearts!
  • ddumontddumont
    Just adding it to the point log will save it in the system. Favorites is just a list to quickly as frequently eaten foods.
  • Thanks for your answer. Yes I figured it out -- I have stopped worrying about favoriting things, and I just use the intuitive search function in the "add foods" area. It's great! Very easy to find previously logged foods, and also easy to add new ones.

  • I have recently changed phone devices previously I had a Sony and now have a Nexus (Hujawei) I have downloaded the app to the new phone but and would like to activate my WWdiary on the new phone that is to sync all my data from the Sony (which should include the favourites and there associated points etc) to my new phone. Any suggestions on how I can do this

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