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Signing in and adding an account on the app
  • Hi there. I have an account on wwdiary with a password. I tried to add an account to my app for wwdiary but its not adding the account. I would think the account would show up on my phone screen after I added but nothing showing up. I know that my password and username is correct because I'm logged into the site. What do I need to do differently?
  • ddumontddumont
    @khill27 What kind of phone do you have? Are you adding the account through the app or from the phone's settings page? Do you get any error after hitting ok, or does it just close?
  • Thank you so much for the reply. My phone is a Samsung one note for. I'm trying to add the account through the app using the settings section of the app itself. When I try to log in to add the account the logon box just closes, doesn't give me any errors, but also doesn't show my account listed on the page.
  • ddumontddumont
    @khill27 can you try to add it from the phone account settings page?
  • I have just signed up for the subscription and am trying to configure my account to sync; however, I am not able to get the sync to work. One thing that may be wrong is my email address I am using is entered incorrectly. I am using my google email account ( but when I typed it in I left off the "26". If this is what is hindering me, I don't know how to fix it. Can you help me with this?
  • ddumontddumont
    Your account on the forum has the 26. I see that the account on the forum is activated with your subscription.

    To remake the account, you just need to go into phone settings and remove it. Then you should be able to create the account again on the phone and try to sync
  • I have tried everything I know to try but I cannot find any option to delete the accounts on my Galaxy S4. I have researched the answers on the web but none of those solutions has worked for me. Do you have any other suggestions? This is ridiculous. It should NOT be difficult to delete one simple account.
  • Ok...after just posting that last comment, I stumbled onto the Remove Account option -- deleted the account -- then added account back. But I am still not able to sync. The message I am getting is a sync error that says "User action required...There was a problem resolving the sync status with the remote server. Please choose an option carefully: (1) Replace all remote data with the data on this device or (2) Replace all data on this device with remote data.

    Now what do I do?
  • ddumontddumont
    @Sib That's exactly where you want to be!

    When you see this notification you choose what you want to do:
    1) Replace all remote data (you choose this if you have no data in the service yet and you want to start by placing all data currently on your phone into the sync service. If you have never set up sync before, choose this one)
    2) Replace all data on the device (you choose this if you have no data on the device that you want to keep. It will download all data from the server and start syncing. You usually do this when you add a second or third device)

    If you feel unsure about any of this, just make sure you make a backup from settings first just in case.
  • I am so sorry to pester you with this issue but I must still be doing something wrong. I did as you suggested above (#1). However, my data from my old phone app has not transferred over to my new phone. The app is pristine with absolutely no information transferred over.

    Any suggestions?
  • ddumontddumont
    Did you do #1 on the old phone and #2 on the new phone? Is your original phone set up for syncing? I just want to be clear which phone you did which action in which order.

    If you need help real time, you can message me on google hangouts. I think my email address here on the forum is public so just request a chat in that.
  • On my S4 which is the phone I have been using for 2 years, I went into WWDiary settings and clicked on backup database to SD card. Then I put the SD card into my new phone (the Note 4) and opened WWDiary and clicked on Restore Database and received the message that the Backup File Not Found.

    I had already tried the sync with no success. But when I received the options message I mentioned above, I think I chose the first one, which in retrospect, may have NOT been the correct choice. Because what I want to do is transfer the data on the app from my S4 to my Note 4.

    I have both phones with me. What do I need to do to transfer my data over?
  • Hi there- I'm new to this site and app. I'm trying to use the scanner to scan items, but getting error to add the WWDairy account, but can't find where or how? Thanks
  • ddumontddumont
    @zoso2000 an active forum subscription and forum account is only needed if you want to try to look up scanned items in the database, or use multi device sync.

    Otherwise scanning operates as a quick re-entry for previous entries you've scanned and filled out info for.

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