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Syncing issues w/both HTC One and Website
  • New here and even after watching syncing video, still have issues.

    1. HTC One continues to display WPA value of 0 despite having entered the amount in settings and adding food entries. Daily total is displayed and correctly calculates total.

    2. In App Settings, Auto Sync is switched "on".
    Yet in Manage Accounts when I click WWDiary, the setting says "Sync is OFF".
    Further, when I check the Sync box, a "Syncing Now" message and spinning circle appears but no data is ever actually synced. Also, the box will not remain checked.

    3. Notification settings/message shown on video does not appear on phone.

    4. When I sign into the website with the same id, my subscription appears enabled yet no data entered on the phone, appears.

    5. Good news: The barcode scanner does identify products.

    HTC One is running WWDiary v.6.5.1 and Android 4.3.

    If it matters, First I downloaded the app, then registered on the website. After that I then subscribed.

    THANKS for the app! even with the current issues, I like it much better than the official WW app. btw, any chance for an iPad app?
  • ddumontddumont
    Hey there! I'll get you squared away.

    1. The top number is used WP in a week. Have you gone over for the day and you don't see the number going up?

    2. This will turn off if the notification is needed to be interacted with. Some new phones turn off app notifications by deafult (why?!) but you can make sure they are on for wwdiary if you go to phone settings in the apps section and open the details for wwdiary. There should be a check box that lets you see notifications for the app.

    3. See above :)

    4. Then you're all set up to start syncing. We just need to get the process going.

    5. Nice!

    Let me know if you make any progress. If you still need help, perhaps you have a google talk account we can chat on when I get out of work today. Just PM me on the forum or you can add me via my email address.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    1. I see now that the weekly points total is working correctly. Guess going over is sometimes a good thing. ;o)

    2. Checked the manage app settings for the HTC, it shows that Notifications are "on". Yet I still can't get the Sync function to work, even when it appears to be initiated manually.

    Probably have but never used Google Talk. Will try to get that going.

  • Good news!

    Just noticed that the "replace all data" notification finally appeared on my phone.

    I selected the option mentioned in the video and now the web version seems to be syncing with my phone.

    Not sure why or how that happened but I'll take it. Thanks again!
  • ddumontddumont
    Great news!

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