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WWDiary: New WW Plan (and how to keep using the old one)
  • ddumontddumont

    New Point Calculator

    Daily Point Allowance

    Short Version:

    If you use the new PointsPlus system:
    1. Go into Point Allowance settings and choose to use the new point allowance calculator.
    2. Fill out the calculator with your information.
    3. Don't use activity point calculator in WWDiary, manually fill in values instead

    If you want to use the old point system:
    1. Go into Point Allowance settings and enable the old point allowance calculator.
    2. Set weekly points to 35.
    3. Go into Point Calculator settings and enable the old activity calculator.
    4. Enable custom point calculation.
    5. US users: check Calories, Fat, and Fiber.
    6. US users set custom formula: round((calories/50) + (fat/12) - (min(fiber, 4)/5))
    7. UK users: check calories and saturated fat.
    8. UK users set custom formua: round( 10 * ((calories * 4.184 / 300) + (satfat / 4.15)) ) / 10

  • Hi there! Thank you for creating this awesome app! I am rejoining WW and had originally decided to use the old system - so I put in the old point system. But since I'm going to be rejoining I changed my mind to use the PP system. How do I revert back in the Point Calc screen? Just uncheck custom point calc? Do I need to check calories,carbs, protein, fat? Thank you again!!
  • ddumontddumont
    @ldybugmom yes that should be fine. Just uncheck custom point calculator. The options below should gray out.
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